Windsurfing lessons

If you want to learn to windsurf and do not know how to start, we’d like to help. We offer you some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing a place to take some windsurfing classes and where to do it in the best and safest way.

For those who want and want to learn windsurfing and still do not know how to do it, here are some recommendations. Those who are eager to integrate into the world of this wonderful sport that is windsurfing we recommend that the best way to learn is by taking some windsurfing lessons. In addition if you feel attracted by the practice of the sport in this section we will teach you that it has to offer us windsurfing.

Learning windsurfing is not very difficult. If you take windsurf lessons with good teachers and in a pleasant place, the first day you can lift the sail and begin to make your first sailings. Once you have learned the basics, you must continue with the classes to perfect your technique.
In addition you will be able to practice outside of what you are taught in the course, both with friends and only.

Windsurfing is a sport that you can learn to do self-taught, although it is not very safe and effective. The best thing to start practicing this sport with a good base, with safety and a good atmosphere, is to take some windsurfing classes in a good school with the most professional coaches. It will be necessary to spend some money, because it is something of great utility, since in a course you will learn much faster and better, with which you get the most out of your time and your money, and also you will have better and you can Meet other people who are just starting out like you, with which you will find a more pleasant atmosphere.

Where to take windsurfing lessons

The best classes of windsurfing should be made up of a group of highly motivated students. This will help you motivate yourself and learn faster. It is also imperative that a teacher or professional monitor and very patient with their students, to teach them better. The conditions, both infrastructure and environmental must be optimal so that the student can learn to windsurf. The school that is offering us windsurfing classes must have a suitable material for young beginners. The climate must be optimal. A gentle breeze, and calm water.

Each center or school that windsurf lessons has its own teaching method, but still following different criteria, all are suitable if they achieve their purpose: that students learn to sail on a windsurf board.

Most of the windsurf courses are separated into different sections. In each class of windsurfing will teach something different. The student will learn new techniques every day until becoming a great windsurfer. Here’s how the windsurfing classes should be ideal for students to learn better:

– The first day should provide a theoretical class with the fundamentals of the sport, such as the incidence of the wind on the sail and the sequence of movements that the student must perform to navigate on a windsurf board. The student is also presented with the material to be used.
Then a practical class on a simulator is made so the monitor can find out if his pupils have any previous knowledge of the sport. The class ends with a session of balances and a practical session with table and rigging. At the end of the first class students must be able to navigate perpendicular to the wind and rotate.

– During the second day the monitor should pay the main attention and the turn.

– The third and fourth day windsurfers have to learn to sail against the wind (tight) and in favor of the wind (winding).

– On the fifth day the monitor has fulfilled his dream, his pupils navigate in all directions. After a race, diplomas are given and students are ready to sail.

The additional windsurfing classes that students can take will be to perfect the technique and learn some kind of trick or additional maneuver such as jumping and more complex activities.

If you want to know where you can take windsurfing lessons you have to go to our section of windsurf schools and there you will find all the information about the best places to learn this sport.

Motocross jumps

Motocross jumps are a spectacular part of the development of this discipline, as technology advanced, motocross jumps are higher and longer. Undoubtedly they are the biggest attractions on the part of the followers and fans.

The motocross jumps are basically carried in the disciplines of Freestyle or Supermotard. As the years progressed and thus the technology went hand in hand, the characteristics of the motorcycles were developed to be able to deploy motocross jumps with higher altitude and length.

Without any type of questioning motocross jumps are what make this sport extremely striking and spectacular for the eyes of its supporters, it is also shared in the striking aspect of motocross at the time of the realization of the curves in the circuits .

But motocross jumps have to be very studied when performing them because where they are used in bad shape can generate a traction on the bike that could waste time in vain. There is a peculiarity in the motocross jumps, since when the bikes are in the air, the pilots change of speed in the middle of flight, accelerating in depth.

You should always land on the rear wheel with the semi-flexed legs that serve as elastic for the fall. The motocross jumps generate that each of the drivers who carry it out must have and maintain a great command of the motorcycle.

Also it is emphasized the fact that the jumps are not always realized by those who carry the tip in the different competitions since if they have the bad fortune to perform a bad maneuver and they end up with a fall in the ground this could generate the loss of the front .

The biggest jumps of motocross

The mega-star, Australian Robbie Maddison holds the record of having achieved the longest motocross jump. This fact that entered in the book Record of Ginnes was carried out in front of the Casino of Las Vegas, the 31 of December of the year 2007, obtained a jump of 98,3234 meters of length, exceeded in more of 14 meters to the obtained mark By his compatriot, Trigger Gumm who achieved in 2005 the measure of 84.4296 meters.

It is said that in practice in the previous days Robbie Maddison got to get a length that was around 108 meters, so he is not completely convinced by the official distance he got. I tried to overcome it but could not make it.

This motocross jump was part of the Red Bull Experiment, an event that brings together the best athletes in the world, where they are planning to break sports records never before achieved.