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If we talk about extreme sports, bungee is certainly the most risky but not in which there have been more accidents. To give a general overview without going into details of the history of this sport properly we must say that it achieved a great boom at In the mid 90’s and it was at that time that it expanded to almost all the countries of the world. At this moment bungee is a sport with great number of fans worldwide. There are many different places to jump in all corners of the planet, from a platform with 180 meters of fall next to the waterfalls Victoria in Africa, to a cable car in Switzerland.

Why Bungee?

Every day new places open to jump and more people experience the feeling of freedom that bungee jumping offers. As a teacher of physical education for me, safety is the most important and one of the reasons for more accidents in the bungee is to use ropes and earrings that do not resist our own body since they are placed to a person who weighs 90kilos the same means Security than a person who weighs 45 kilos.

That is why you do wherever you make this jump in Africa or Switzerland always keep in mind where you are going to do, be a company recognized in the world of bungee, there are professional instructors and other than just a platform with a rope And nothing more. The practice of this sport with the required securities makes it a safe and fun experience.

There is no doubt that the bungee is here to stay.



Without much boredom we will remember a bit of bone history from where this sport of trying to dominate the waves like surfing , these beginnings go back to the first islands of the Pacific when the ancestors of Polynesia began exploring the ocean and the Islands around this.

A s we have said in other sections that it is very difficult to accurately give a date x, it is believed that the first waves to be surfed were for the year 1700.

It was so that with time and with much practice and desertion the Hawaiians became astonishing explorers, navigators and experts in the art of “running waves”. For the year 1900, surfing in Hawaii is developing more and more thanks to Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku won the gold medal in swimming at the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912

Today it is recognized worldwide as one of the most extreme sports where it is the man who has to master those waves so difficult sometimes that is why surfing is so popular and loved by athlete