About Us

 Deportes Extremos started in 2010 simply as an idea behind three friends who met during one mind boggling adventure. It was just initially a product of the lack of available information on the sport they wanted to try next.

Since going through the world wide web could be a bit confusing due to the number of available information, and sometimes could be overwhelming – they wanted to create a platform that is user friendly, and could be a one-stop shop when it comes to all things related to heart-stopping, extreme sports. Tips for beginners, must-see places that cater to various kinds of adventure, and behind-the-door information you must know to maximize the fun and excitement on sports hubs in your location, all of these they want to integrate into a single website that would also serve as reference to extreme sports lovers like them.

Less than two decades after, they succeeded. The deportesextremos.net site now is one of the most followed extreme sports website in the country. In fact, it had proven to be influential and informative that it was even being adopted as a reference material by international sports guru. What started out as an idea made for personal comfort is already making its name in the international scene.

Deportes Extremos also serves the community of extreme sports enthusiasts without discrimination. Whether you are an amateur, or a professional in any field of extreme sports, you have a place here. In fact, professionals even act as a mentor for newbies on the field – telling them stories of their adventures, and giving them good strategies to come on top of every sports they try. This is also where everyone could engage in a healthy discussion, and where their inquiries about extreme sports could be answered.

hat is a good thing about this page is that, this is non-profit with our most-featured articles coming from volunteers who simply want to help individuals like them.